Unfortunate Misunderstanding

It is very unfortunate that you assume my body shape automatically comes with low confidence.

It is sad that society has conformed a mentality that if your pants size is not a single digit “it’s time to lose weight.”

It is a great misunderstanding that if one is big that are unhealthy, but the greater misunderstanding is automatically assuming weighing less secures healthiness.

It is very offensive for one to assume that my weight limits me from doing everything a person of “average weight” can do.

It is ignorant to assume my potential work ethic based on my appearance.

It is pathetic of one to date a plus size person assuming we have no standards and will accept any treatment because no one else will love us.

The facts of the matter are….

Plus size people a lot of times carry high levels of confidence because we know that we are expected to be sad and miserable.

Plus size people don’t focus on the size on the label, but the comfort of the fit.

Plus size people can be some of the most active people despite the assumption that we are all lazy.

Plus size people can often do things that average people can not,  so do not limit us to or less than only those things that “average people” are capable of doing.

Plus size people work harder in the workplace because we are expected to not actively contribute.

Plus size people have the capability to attract any size partner that an “average size” person can. We have to know our worth and we also demand respect. Therefore, do not assume you can not and will not be replaced if you do not give us the respect and love we deserve.

It is sad that so many stigmas are placed on the plus size community, but it is a unfortunate misunderstanding  assuming we have to accept them


Don’t Define Me By My Waistline

Why do most men relate beautiful with skinny? I hate when guys say, “She has a pretty face and she can always lose weight.” So is a woman not beautiful or attractive until she loses weight?

Both men and fellow women need to stop putting stigmas on plus size women and plus size people in general. I know unattractive and out of shape skinny people. I also know gorgeous and healthy plus size people. Stop judging people because of their size.

Nobody is perfect, so everybody has their flaws. You will always see something you want to change about somebody,  rather it be your weight, height, hair, skin, clothes, income, housing situation or even their  voice. Obviously we all have our inner thoughts when we initially meet people, but sometimes it’s best to leave those inside at least until you get to know the person.

A skinny waist does not always equal a pretty face and chubby does not always equal ugly. Give people a chance or regret you didn’t later.



“Don’t excuse my belly”

Why is that when plus size women take photos they cover their stomachs or say excuse my stomach? Why are you apologizing for who you are?

Even if, as a plus size woman (or plus size person in general), you are trying to lose weight  and get rid of your stomach, you should still embrace the body you currently have. You should be confident in who you are and what you look like no matter what. Your outer appearance does not define who you are on the inside. When you take pictures or record videos, hold your head high, put on that pretty smile, and embrace that body and all that it comes with. If somebody likes you for you then they will accept you no matter what stage of your body you are in.

Ain’t no body shaming this way honey. Either you take me as I am now, or regret what you missed out on later. I promise I will not be losing sleep either way. Don’t look for me to cover my stomach, or say wait let me suck it in when I take a pic. Let’s be real just because you cover it up doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Maybe the weight will drop one day, but until then be you and do you!


Fresh Start, With or Without You

Why wait until the new year to start something new and try new things?

I have a lot of changes that I will be embarking on very soon. Everything from my image and career to my diet and exercise routine. No, this is not a new year’s resolution. This is more of a life improvement project.

I don’t know about anybody else, but when I am not happy about something I change it. I have never been the type to settle, so if I don’t love what I have then it’s not for me. There is no timeline for change, so if you want to do something then do it. Life is too short to live with regrets, so I have to do things I am passionate about even if that means taking risks.

I am sure I will not always get the support I want, but I can no longer let that hinder me. Everybody has to start somewhere and I am no exception. No matter who does or does not support you and your life decisions, you have to believe in yourself. At the end of the day you are the main one who has to live with your decisions, so live outloud and do what you want to do.




Idle Followers

So I know everyone has those followers on their social media pages that follow you, but never show love or say anything.  Rather they follow you to lurk, stalk, hate, crush, etc., whenever they pop up on your timeline you wonder why they are on your friend list.

This aspect can be applied to friendships in real life. How many of your “friends” are simply idle in your life? They never call and check on you, do not support anything you do, never there to talk to, but offer a courtesy compliment and Happy Holiday a few times a year. I don’t know about ya’ll, but you can spectate on my life from a far. There is no need to have idle friends in your life that pop up at their convenience. They can’t do so much as read your blog, comment on your picture, shoot a text, or just say “I am here if you need me” every now and then. If someone ask you how I am doing and you can not tell them because you don’t know yourself then are you really my friend? If you can’t support my blogs, business ventures, fundraisers,  like a picture/post here and there, but want me to be at every event you have; are you really my friend? No friendship rather online or in person should be one sided. You can most definitely be unfriended and even blocked in real life as well. As you mature and start doing more things in life (such as opening businesses and starting a family) you need real supportive friends in your life not idle bodies posing as friends.

Ask yourself are you a true friend or a spectator posing as a friend? If you choose the latter then hit that unfollow button and move on.



Warhead Mentality

So I will be turning 25 this year and I was sitting down thinking about all the goals I have for my life. The mere thought of where I want to be in life financially, physically, and spiritually in comparison to where I am now is enough to drive anybody crazy.

I had to take a different approach in how I looked at my life right now. Picture eating a warhead on the outside it is very sour and eventually it gets sweet. However, a warhead is not the easiest candy to eat because it takes a while to get from the sour outer layer to the sweet center.  You have to have patience and be persistent in breaking through that sour layer so that you can finally enjoy the sweet side of the treat.

I have to take that same approach when accomplishing all the goals I have for myself. We sometimes get so caught up in where we want to be that we neglect celebrating our small victories in the NOW. There is no such thing as an overnight success. Even those much loved celebrities or one hit wonders started somewhere. It takes time and patience to be successful. When you rush through life trying to see what the end is going to be, you miss out on valuable  lessons you would have learned had you been willing to endure the journey.

I may have student loans, not the most luxurious apartment, no significant other, not in the best shape and not where I want to be spiritually. However, I have to own my NOW because it will make my LATER so much greater. I will accomplish every goal that I set forth for myself, but I have to be willing to persevere through the things I have going on now. In the end, my victories will feel that much sweeter.

Just be encouraged that your greater is coming and don’t get stuck thinking about what you are lacking in the NOW stage of your life.


Got Me Up All Night

Anybody else have sleepless nights?

It could be because you went to sleep early, got a lot on your mind, lost a loved one, had a bad break up, hungry, etc. No matter the cause we just want our sleep back, well at least I do.

Sleepless nights brings about deep thoughts and the results of that may vary. Sometimes I think about things I’ve done or need to do and I go from laying down looking at the ceiling to getting on my Ipad making lists and arranging budgets. Other times I think about things people have done to me and I consider cussing them out, but then remember ain’t nobody got time fo dat lol When I’m not figuring out my finances, or mentally slapping people I slowly but surely am reminded I am single. Maybe if I had a nice long talk with bae and fell asleep with a smile on my face I would be knocked out. Unfortunately, there’s no bae, so no cute goodnight text or sweet dreams.

The best part of it all I have to be a responsible adult in the morning so:

Dear Co-workers,

Leave me alone.